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From whatever walk of life you've come from, the extraordinary life revealed between these pages will find you at some of the most unprecedented cultural crossroads of our day.

Enigmatic and effortlessly charming, Alexandru Lupu's story will keep you guessing, reassessing the narrative of our own soul, and perhaps find an unwavering purpose found in the fragility of life. 

John C.

Upon receiving the manuscript unexpectedly, I read it in a single haul. Alexandru’s autobiographical narration is so personal and painfully honest, that it rendered me, as a reader, uncomfortable.

While aiming to find peace with himself, Alex disturbed my peace and has engraved his scars onto my heart permanently.” 

Jelle C.

Tragedy is when something grossly unfair happens; triumph is when something heroic overcomes. This book - this author - triumphs. Alexandru Lupu's memoir is intensely naked and vulnerable, as he invites the reader to truly know him. Son of the Cornfield is a journey - across decades, countries, loves, and sexual identities - and the journey's end is still to be discovered. 

Mike R.



Alexandru Lupu was born in Romania, where he grow up until the age of 21. In 2012, he emigrated to the Netherlands. He studied in Business and International Management for two years in Breda. In 2015, he moved to Leuven, Belgium for doing a bachelor in Theology and Religious Studies.  

Having done a three-month internship in Canberra, Australia in 2018, Alexandru now lives there full time, working as a workplace rehab consultant. In addition, he is working on his second book, a novel about what it means to be Romanian


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